Matrix Source Industrial, an Asian-based company led by a US business executive, brings the security and quality of US business practices together with a network of top Asian factories. With our commitment to providing our customers with the best quality and prices, we are constantly expanding our factory network. Our new office in Ningbo (opened October 2006) will enable us to continue to offer you more options for cost-effective manufacturing. We currently have 4 colleagues that monitor the current production in the northern part of China. Matrix Source Industrial welcomes the challenge of helping you with all your promotional and retail manufacturing needs. Major manufacturing categories include (but not limited to):

Writing InstrumentsManufacturingPlasticsManufacturingMetalsManufacturingElectronicsManufacturingCeramic and glassware
Bags/Totes/Briefcases/LuggageManufacturingHeadwearManufacturingMedically Relevant Pharmaceutical Items

Writing Instruments

Some of the world’s finest writing instruments are manufactured in Asia. The keys are where to find them and how to design them! Matrix Source Industrial management has a combined experience of 42 years in sourcing and manufacturing writing instruments. Our strengths in design, quality control, and manufacturing competence …at competitive prices… remains one of the driving forces in our success.


Whether you need injection molded, blow molded, acrylic, HDPE, ABS or other technologies, quality is in the process. Our team has critical expertise in ISO manufacturing techniques, processes and materials. Our specialties include precision injection molding, extruding, vacuum forming, and mold-construction in Asia. For custom projects or sourcing commodities from Asian molding and assembly facilities, Matrix Source Industrial has the competitive edge in plastics.


Die cast, zinc alloy, brass, steel and aluminum are among some of the many materials with which Matrix Source Industrial has expertise. As clients’ standards are higher, many plastic products are transforming into metal versions making the overall perceived value even greater. Some products we specialize in are lapel pins, badges, collectible coins, executive desk items, jewelry, tin boxes for packaging and much, much more! Just ask the Source… Matrix Source Industrial!


To remain a leader in electronics, the Matrix Source Industrial team consistently strives to combine technology, innovation, and fashion to bring the hottest products to our clients with an eye on quality in design and execution. Matrix Source Industrial’s innovative manufacturing sources in the Asian market are OEM sources to many of the world’s top electronic brands.

Ceramic and glassware

Matrix offers a broad range of high-quality manufactured ceramic tableware and glassware products. Our specialties range from decorated tableware such as promotional mugs to the highest grade decorative glassware and award-winning pieces.


The design team at Matrix Source Industrial is responsible for developing some of the most innovative high-quality goods in the promotional “Cut & Sew”, leather goods and injection molded luggage industry. Our clients include the world’s leading fashion designers and OEM promotional goods suppliers. Our clients find competitive pricing and quality to be our forte, and makes our supply programs an outstanding success.


We specialize in all types of headwear including visors, trucking, low profile, constructed, unconstructed, knits, beanies and bucket caps to name a few. Our merchandisers are always sourcing new materials and current trends to fit your headwear needs. With manufacturing capabilities for these products in China, Cambodia and Bangladesh, we remain ahead of competition!

Medically Relevant Pharmaceutical Items

Matrix Source Industrial has over fifteen years of experience in the development of custom medical premiums for in-office demonstration and educational purposes. Our anatomical models and high impact “med-ed” pieces are some of our proudest accomplishments. Pharmaceutical marketers have come to appreciate our attention to detail and collaborative development process that result in years of effective detail marketing and quality educational tools for medical professionals and patients. Some of our custom medically relevant pharmaceutical items are writing instruments, desk accessories, wall charts, clip boards, patient-doctor wearable items, RX (self inking) stampers, BMI calculators. brochures, marketing materials and POP displays.